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Preview Choreography for 'Asta Siempre Amor' by Fulvio Salamanca

Femineity became a taboo, but revealing your feminine site is actually a great thing!

  • Sensuality & Femininity

    It does not have to be obnoxious, too obvious, or overdone. It needs to simply be yours and natural. The fashion of tilting one's head or adjusting one's hair, the manner in which you put your shoes on, the way you sit or stand up, or walk, or look. The gracefulness was given to all of us at birth, we just need to reawaken it.

  • Beautiful Walk

    Tango is walking and beautiful walk is an art that we need to continuously work on. Beautifully looking feet, shapely legs, dynamic lines - all this comes in handy not only on the dance floor. Insights of correct posture, amortization of knees, proper foot articulation, relaxation of hip flexors, and strengthening the pelvic floor are just added benefits.

  • Confidence & Style

    The ability to use the adornos and embellishments increases your confidence and strengthens your tango voice as it allows your personal input and style into improvised dance traditionally proposed by the leader. It is the leader who creates the solid structure, but it is the follower who makes the couple shine.

YES, I'm ready for Tango!

Tango has found me

You are just a tiny step away from discovering ...

  • That is not just a femme fatale who is beautiful, mysterious, desirable, and seductive.
  • That you do not need to be a dominatrix to dominate and lead.
  • That the ability to entice, hypnotize and enchant is your natural talent.
  • That the way you walk, place and articulate your feet, rest your weight on one foot, and balance your heels makes your hips swing naturally.

Asta Siempre Amor - Argentine Tango Choreography Workout in High Heels - CLASSY HEELS

Make those heels serve you!

It sounds like an oxymoron, but yes it is a workout and it is in heels! You can even dress up!  In the class, we discuss how to modify the movement to have things show or not show depending on which effect you are looking for...

Classy Heels workout will not make you exactly sweat, but you will work the core muscles to evaporate calories from just the right places to perfect your look. Wearing high heels already makes your stomach flatter, your legs longer, your attitude sensual, your presence visible, and your femininity unstoppable. Now - make those heels serve you!

Improved Balance

Maneuvering in high heels while on one foot is not that difficult if you know, understand, and follow the rules. Heels shall be treated as any tool required to master specific trade: A DANCER, A LADY. First, understand what you need to be doing then apply. Practice makes perfect if the movement makes sense.

Timing and Musicality

Memorizing choreography and executing the movement all by yourself gives you a new insight into the structure of the music and opens your inner ear to let you hear the melody and choose where you can add your embellishments without disturbing the natural fluidity of the dance flow created by Leader.

What the students are saying: REVIEWS

Arlene Hijara

5 star rating

“A fair amount of material in one class! Enough to keep partnerless dancers practicing!”

“A fair amount of material in one class! Enough to keep partnerless dancers practicing!”

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victoria wolfson

5 star rating

“Awesome, as always! And very challenging of course! But, isn't that the first reason to take the class!!! ”

“Awesome, as always! And very challenging of course! But, isn't that the first reason to take the class!!! ”

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Ilya Freytsis

5 star rating

“Great course to build up understanding, strength and control of your body movement. Gradually but constantly. Everyone should take it.”

“Great course to build up understanding, strength and control of your body movement. Gradually but constantly. Everyone should take it.”

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Do I need any dance experience to start?

How to start? Where to start? What's the results?

The answer is a little bit involved... It a little bit depends on what's your purpose. If you already dance Tango you can choose this course to work on your technique, balance, and musicality and also - to have experience with learning and memorizing choreography.

If you never dance anything before - your work will definitely be more challenging but also - it will feel very rewarding. All you need is high heels or... socks if wearing heels seems like a huge challenge.

During the actual class (45-60 min) we are slowly by slowly working and building towards that final moment. We work through several exercises that make the movement easier and feasible. We repeat each exercise many times and build up to master the 15-20 seconds* of the choreography. 

*YES, you read it right. We work for about an hour to master 15-20 seconds of the choreography. So translate into detail explanations, many exercises, and a lot of repetitions so YOU CAN DO IT!

The class review shows the last few minutes of the class. Last repetition of the piece of choreography we are working on without, and then with music. This is great to review right before starting the next class. AND - only if your goal is to memorize the whole song. If you just enjoying yourself with the dance workout - then simply skip the review.

Tango Choreography for Ladies - 'La Nueva Vecina'

Get started now

Course curriculum - 10 classes (new class added every week)

Learning Choreography never gets boring! You always progress toward perfection!

What The Ladies Are Saying: TESTIMONIALS

“I have been wanting to email you to let you know how much I appreciate being able to watch the Classy Heels videos. They are so well done and it is almost as if I am in class and following you in front of me. The BIG difference is I can watch it over and over again until I GET it. Watching the videos has been a great source of exercise and challenge for me because as you can imagine I am stuck at home as with the rest of the world. I have been able to forget that there is a pandemic raging outside for the time I am doing my class. So thank you.”

Classy Heels Student

Wendy Rist

“I have realized, by completing the challenge and making the video of it, I have gained a deeper understanding between the music and the footwork, and execute the movements with better control. It was not until seeing myself in the video that I realized how many things I needed to fix! I really love your interpretation of this song. I wish more people are meeting the Classy Heels challenge! Thank you so much for posting your instruction videos online. I can't get to the Zoom classes on Tuesday evenings but can watch them during the week when I am able. ”

Classy Heels Student

Dawn Chung

“I started Classy Heels for my first time! It was really fun and such a good workout. It was a little bit confusing for me but I will get it and will definitely continue. I am not afraid to Try new things now. And my confidence level has soared, plus I really like how things are explained step by step. Anita is such a patient teacher and she always repeats many times. And I love that you can also send her the video to get a feedback.”

Classy Heels Student

Patricia Rances


  • Do I really have to dance in high heels? What if I NEVER wear heels?!?

    You can start in socks, or in dance snickers, or in whatever shoes you have. Dancing in high heels - is the ultimate challenge. And truly - the sooner you start - the better the results. This way your body does not have to adjust many times.

  • I cannot remember all this steps. What can I do to get better?

    Me neither! You see I build the choreography lessons by lesson. Sometimes maybe 30 seconds (so 2 lessons or a minute (so 4 lessons) - kind of depends if I see any particular issue in the group classes that I want to address by incorporating those elements into the choreography. So - I do not remember it either… I record what I plan to teach - and then watch it few times, and dance it with the video and then without the video - few times. Because I record it even week - every week I have to remember it - just like you do :-) It’s probably easier for me as I can recognize the patterns so it is a little easier to remember. But also - that is the way I teach. - I want People to understand why things are happening the way they are - so this way - it becomes easier every time and eventually - you recognize that you had done it already and probably several times. One way to remember would be to do it (even if in your head) every day at least once. Unfortunately - in learning choreography - repetition is probably the most powerful tool.

  • How long is the song?

    2:40 is the shortest tango song. And that's the songs we usually work with - to make it a little bit easier to remember.

  • How long is the class?

    Each class is 45-60 minutes. If the piece we are working on is more difficult - or we adding a completely new choreographical element - the class might take longer. Feel free to stop and repeat as needed.

  • What is the Classy Heels Challenge?

    If you record yourself performing the whole song - or a large portion of it (more than 75%) and email us a video - we will mail you a Classy Heels T-Shirt!

Watch Intro Video

Watch Dawn performing what she learned in the class!

'El Amanecer' Series

Anita Flejter

Ultimate Tango Instructor

Anita Flejter is Co-Founder of Ultimate Tango School of Dance, where Argentine Tango is taught not as a dance but as a philosophy of life. A native of Poland, Ms. Flejter together with Hernan Brizuela created a unique, well structured, progressive tango program that proves itself extremely successful and popular. Anita Flejter pursues her Argentine Tango fascination training with world-renowned dancers such as Cesar Coelho, Chicho Fromboli y Juana Sepuldeva, Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Anne, Joanna Copez, Mariana Flores y Edwardo Capussi, Roberto Herrera, Fabian Salaz, Guillermina Quiroga, and many others. Together with Hernan Brizuela, Anita Flejter is a co-owner and co-founder of Ultimate Tango Dance School in Boston, MA, and Adelante Studios in New York City, NY. She is also a past owner of Stepping Out Studios in New York, NY.

Anita Flejter

Argentine Tango Instructor

Watch Intro Video

Watch Yimei performing what she learned in the class!

'Cuanta Angustia' Series