Tango Fundamentals & Tango Mixology

A.K.A. Sunday Advanced Classes

4-weeks Virtual Sunday courses are meant for NON-BEGINNERS. Which means that you already know the basic principles and structure of Argentine Tango. Ideally you can dance (lead or follow) around the salon. For FUNDAMENTALS you need to know basic to the cross and baldoza. For MIXOLOGY you need to know ochos and giros at the very minium. Knowing sacadas, barridas, boloes, ganchos, volcadas, colgadas etc is certeinly a plus, but not  a must.

Each course ends with danceable combination composed of several elements that we can master as a group. As we are deciphering the combination, (focusing individual lessons on technique and problems at hand), long term underlying purpose is to focused on: 

  • Connection and communication, 
  • Navigation in a constrained space, 
  • Controlling the direction of the movement as a couple, 
  • Elasticity of the embrace, 
  • Posture-Technique for torsions and pivots, 
  • Timing the movement, 
  • Musicality, 
  • Maximizing the use of the movement for improvisation

Sundays - Advanced Courses 'live' on zoom

  • Tango Mixology course Sundays 11am - 12:30pm

    The 4-weeks Tango Mixology course challenges you to mix all available tango elements adding sacadas, boleos, ganchos, barridas, volcadas and colgadas into danceable combination. Each month we are working on logically flowing new combination.

  • Tango Fundamentals Sundays 3:30 - 5pm

    The 4-weeks Tango Fundamentals course introduces all essential tango elements adding ochos, giros, medialunas, basic sacadas, barridas and passadas into danceable sequence. Each month we are working on logically flowing new combination.

May - Sunday Advanced Courses

Meeting 'live' on zoom on May 2, 9, 16, 23

Classes meet: May 2, 9, 16, 23

Have to miss a class? No worries! All classes are recorded and posted for your personal review!

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