Femininity became a taboo, but awakening your feminine site is actually a great thing!

  • Sensuality & Femininity

    It does not have to be obnoxious, too obvious, or overdone. It needs to simply be yours and natural. The fashion of tilting one's head or adjusting one's hair, manner in which you put your shoes on, the way you sit or stand up, or walk, or look. The gracefulness was given to all of us at birth, we just need to reawaken it.

  • Beautiful Walk

    Tango is walking and beautiful walk is an art that we need to continuously work on. Beautifully looking feet, shapely legs, dynamic lines - all this comes in handy not only on the dance floor. Insights of correct posture, amortization of knees, proper foot articulation, relaxation of hip flexors, and strengthening the pelvic floor are just added benefits.

  • Confidence & Style

    The ability to use the adornos and embellishments increases your confidence and strengthens your tango voice as it allows your personal input and style into improvised dance traditionally proposed by the leader. It is the leader who creates the solid structure, but it is the follower who makes the couple shine.

Perfect way to start!

Classy Heels - Technique & Choreography Workout

It sounds like an oxymoron, but yes it is a workout and it is in heels! You can even dress up!  In the class, we discuss how to modify the movement to have things show or not show depending on which effect you are looking for...

Classy Heels workout will not make you exactly sweat, but you will work the core muscles to evaporate calories from just the right places to perfect your look. Wearing high heels already makes your stomach flatter, your legs longer, your attitude sensual, your presence visible, and your femininity unstoppable. Now - make those heels serve you!

Improved Balance

Maneuvering in high heels while on one foot is not that difficult if you know, understand, and follow the rules. Heels shall be treated as any tool required to master specific trade: A DANCER, A LADY. First, understand what you need to be doing then apply. Practice makes perfect if the movement makes sense.

Timing and Musicality

Memorizing choreography and executing the movement all by yourself gives you a new insight into the structure of the music and opens your inner ear to let you hear the melody and choose where you can add your embellishments without disturbing the natural fluidity of the dance flow created by Leader.

Pick one choreography or have them all!

Single courses are divided into warm-up, class and review.

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