Do I need any dance experience to start?

How to start? Where to start? What's the results?

The answer is a little bit involved... It a little bit depends on what's your purpose. If you already dance Tango you can choose this course to work on your technique, balance and musicality and also - to have experience with learning and memorizing choreography.

If you never dance anything before - you work will definitely be more challenging but also - it will feel very rewarding. All you need is high heels or... socks if wearing heels seems like a huge challenge.

The classes are grouped by song. And therefore the easiest way to start is pick one (really anyone) and start at lesson 1.

The free preview shows last few minutes of the class. Last repetition of the piece of choreography we are working on without and then with music. But - during the actual class we are slowly by slowly working and building towards that final moment. We work through several exercises that make the movement easier and feasible. We repeat each exercises many times and build up to master the 15-20 seconds* of the choreography. 

*YES, you read it right. We work for about an hour to master 15-20 second of the choreography. So translate into detail explanations, many exercises and a lot of repetitions so YOU CAN DO IT!

Course curriculum

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