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Tango Flow With Eleanora Kalganova

Eleanora Kalganova’s journey to tango dancing did not begin with her dancing tango at the onset. In an interview with Joe’s Tango Podcast, Eleanora tells the story of how she used to dance both ballet and ballroom, beginning at the young age of six. 

The day she first came across Argentine tango was when she was 19 when a poster for a workshop caught her attention. However, she did not immediately take tango lessons.

It was sometime later that she truly engaged in the craft and ended up teaching and dancing with renowned tango dancer Sebastian Arce in Moscow. It was also there that she met Michael Nadtochi, one of her most notable dance partners. 

As Eleanora had formal education in different dance disciplines, the moment she fell in love with tango was when she began to dance in a close embrace. Quoting from the interview, she says, 

“I call my tango evolution. I wasn’t in love with tango in the first two years and only did close embrace after that. And after that, when I did the close embrace, I didn’t want to open up anymore. It’s unbelievable, it’s magic.”

Currently, Eleanora continues to both dance and teach. She is best known for her elegance, unique adornments, and flashy sense of fashion. In a YouTube video, she explains that the role of women in tango has changed over the years, stating that 

“ladies want to look more beautiful and to work with their feet more in a very different way.”

Her philosophy in teaching and learning tango is aptly reflected in the mission statement of her website, Tango Flow, which emphasizes the importance of falling in love with tango every day while also recognizing its “high sense of rhythm in order to fulfill every movement and step with the deepest definition.” 

Eleanora Kalganova's Tango Secrets

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