Short Sequences - get your inspiration from 52 new sequences every year!

4-5 new sequences added every month! 45-60 min lessons and quick review. Detailed explanations. Several repetitions. All yours. Ongoing!

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and SOMETIMES WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE DO KNOW! 

Short Sequences on-going series takes you on a journey of discovering what you do know but you never though of using or mixing or combining.

It also takes you through the discovery process of how one little change can influence the whole movement. Think about it like traveling within time - when you go back and changing one little detail influences the whole universe? Same here.

Sometimes we need to be shown what can be done with the elements we had already learn in the classes and how they can be combined into beautiful, nicely flowing sequences. 

In this series, within one class, elements from any level can be added to the combination as long as the sequence is short enough to be danced within one or two phrases. It is a good way to familiarize yourself with aspects of tango that are yet unknown to you. To start – mimic what you see.

Course curriculum

FOR OUR CURRENT STUDENTS: PLEASE NOTE that subscription version lags about 12 weeks behind. If you are working at your own pace or wish for review - this course is for you. If you participating in live classes - please register for most current series of Short Sequences

  • 01

    Short Sequences - lesson 1

    • Short Sequence #1: baldoza to outside partner left, sacada to from cross, salad to open step, back ocho-parada, sandwich-cross over, americana with lead over, lapiz during giro to the left, side step and exit.

    • Short Sequence-1 - quick review

  • 02

    Short Sequences - lesson 2

    • Short Sequence #2: double time in ocho cortado, sacada to open step, medialuna, from cross followed by closed front cross

    • Short Sequence-2 - quick review

  • 03

    Short Sequences - lesson 3

    • Short Sequence #3: cross system walk outside partner left curved into basic to the cross and ocho cortado with ochos locos

    • Short Sequence-3 - quick review

  • 04

    Short Sequences - lesson 4

    • Short Sequence #4: moves El Cachafaz style: corte, ocho cortado, ochos locos, tight back crosses traveling forward

    • Short Sequence-4 - quick review

  • 05

    Short Sequences - lesson 5

    • Short Sequence #5: medialuna, forward crosses traveling around the circle, sacada, calecita and 2 tight front crosses for the Leader

    • Short Sequence-5 - quick review

  • 06

    Short Sequences - lesson 6

    • Short Sequence #6: baldoza modification w sacada, double time walks, rhythmical adornos, wrap

    • Short Sequence-6 - quick review

  • 07

    Short Sequences - lesson 7

    • Short Sequence #7: ochos into crossed sandwich and cross over Leader’s back leg, back saccada, americana, close

    • Short Sequence-7 - quick review

  • 08

    Short Sequences - lesson 8

    • Short Sequence #8: Alteration, pique for the leader, americana, back sacada, cross system walk outside partner and change of direction through pivot and change of outside partner position

    • Short Sequence-8 - quick review

  • 09

    Short Sequences - lesson 9

    • Short Sequence #9: alternating system through continuous front crosses, sacada to open step, unexpected side step from the cross w leader's pique, traveling forward locked back crosses on double time over leader's suspension

    • Short Sequence-9 - quick review

  • 10

    Short Sequences - lesson 10

    • Short Sequence #10: baldoza into americana, paseo, boleo-gancho-boleo, back sacada to forward cross, forward sacada to side step, exit through basic to the cross

    • Short Sequence-10 - quick review

  • 11

    Short Sequences - lesson 11

    • Short Sequence 11: baldoza w amague entry to giro with sacadas to forward and side steps, parada-sandwich-adornments, cross over, americana to the wrap, exit to the cross

    • Short Sequence-11 - quick review

  • 12

    Short Sequences - lesson 12

    • Short Sequence #12: Molinete in parallel system! sacadas and super interesting unusual parada from Leader back cross plus 2 tight back crosses for Follower

    • Short Sequence-12 - quick review

  • 13

    Short Sequences - lesson 13

    • Short Sequence #13: Unusual double time weight change right to left, back ocho overturned to giro to the left with 2 sacadas, barrida from leader to follower from overturn back cross, sandwich for both and change of fronts starting backwards

    • Short Sequence-13 - quick review

  • 14

    Short Sequences - lesson 14

    • Short Sequence #14: Baldoza 1,6; americana, back sacada, mini calecita, wrap, sacada to the back cross, boleos back and forward while in calecita, resolution

    • Short Sequence-14 - quick review

  • 15

    Short Sequences - lesson 15

    • Short Sequence #15: Parallel system 4 walks circle with entradas, followed by caida, corrida, resolution

    • Short Sequence-15 - quick review

  • 16

    Short Sequences - lesson 16

    • Short Sequence #16: Basic to the cross in cross system transitioned to giro to the left, change of direction through forward sacada by Follower to the Leader and Alteration to continuation of giro to the left

    • Short Sequence-16 - quick review

  • 17

    Short Sequences - lesson 17

    • Short Sequence #17: Turning to the left in cross system outside partner left with follower’s adornments, embotada for change of direction, magic turn to the right with specific cadencia on final change of direction

    • Short Sequence-17 - quick review

  • 18

    Short Sequences - lesson 18

    • Short Sequence #18: Basic to the cross in parallel system, multiple enrosques with lapiz and dibujo for the Leader while leading molinete for the Follower. Resolution through sacada to the open step followed by basic to the cross in cross system

    • Short Sequence-18 - quick review

  • 19

    Short Sequences - lesson 19

    • Short Sequence #19: Baldoza 1-2 into back cross for both, double giro to the right with various sacadas and entradas, salida para atras into change of fronts to regain line of dance

    • Short Sequence-19 - quick review

  • 20

    Short Sequences - lesson 20

    • Short Sequence #20: Baldoza 1-2 reversed to double time into Americana and back sacada, wrap, sacada to follower’s back cross, back and forward boleos during calecita to the right, exit through followers forward cross, 2 giros to the left with sacadas...

    • Short Sequence-20 - quick review

  • 21

    Short Sequences - lesson 21

    • Short Sequence #21: Amague, giro to the right with sacadas cross to cross, open to open, crossed sandwich and cross over Leader’s back leg, back saccada, americana into wrap, medialuna w quiebre, alteration, parada-sandwich-adornments-cross over, ocho...

    • Short Sequence-21 - quick review

  • 22

    Short Sequences - lesson 22

    • Short Sequence #22: Weight shift, paseo, boleo-gancho-boleo, alteration, Americana, back sacada, cross system walk outside left, basic to cross in cross system, exit through ocho cortado

    • Short Sequence-22 - quick review

  • 23

    Short Sequences - lesson 23

    • Short Sequence #23: walk in tight circle to the right, corrida, forward boleo, enrosoque - dibujo-lapiz combo for Leader during giro to the left, forward sacada to open step, curved basic to the cross, pique, side step and exit with the double cross

    • Short Sequence-23 - quick review

  • 24

    Short Sequences - lesson 24

    • Short Sequence #24: Giro to the left in parallel, giro to the left in cross system, 4 traveling forward crosses, sacada to open step, 2 looped back crosses in cross system, 2 traveling looped back crosses in parallel system, ocho cortado with calecita...

    • Short Sequence-24 - quick review

  • 25

    Short Sequences - lesson 25

    • Short Sequence #25: cross system traveling looped from the back crosses in double time (alternating), rebound with alteration to block and pass over, sacada to open step, traveling crosses in parallel system (synchronized), rebound to exit.

    • Short Sequence-25 - quick review

  • 26

    Short Sequences - lesson 26

    • Short Sequence #26: Baldoza, system change through Leaders fancy weight change, alteration transitioned into turn to the right with Follower changing system back to parallel, fancy parada through Leader’s rebound, pass over, sacada and that’s it!

    • Short Sequence-26 - quick review