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Batt Johnson's 'WHY'

Batt Johnson is an Argentine tango dancer/choreographer and college professor. He has worked as a TV and milonga host, researcher, writer, and producer on a worldwide tango radio show called Espresso Tango Radio. For many years, he also worked as a communication consultant, award-winning actor, award-winning music radio broadcaster/producer, and writer. 

He wrote a monthly column for ReporTango Magazine and is the author of three published books on subjects ranging from acting and public speaking to jazz. He wrote the liner notes for many professional tango musicians' CDs, was a music writer and host for Only One New York, a weekly television show on PBS, and was a national music video host and writer for MTV’s VH-1 Music Television. 

He studied tango in both North and South America with some of the most influential and celebrated tango dancers and teachers of our time. Batt taught in dance schools and many outdoor events, directed, acted, wrote, co-wrote, and danced in tango plays and tango films, and has organized milongas. 

He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree is in Social Theory and Media Studies. His Master of Arts Degree is in Communication Arts & Sciences with a focus on television. 

Batt Johnson now teaches tango occasionally but considers himself to be a lifelong student of tango dance and tango music, and tonight, Batt will go dancing.

Obviously, tango is a dance, but it's many things to many different people.

For me, it's like a religion. It's something that I discovered I could do with the body, mind, and soul of another human being like I've never experienced before.  

It's a cult that's easy to get in and hell to get out.

Batt Johnson's Tango Secrets

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